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Vinyl Tower Mockup

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High Resolution PSD Mockup

This product is a high-resolution asset, ensuring impressive detail and clarity for both digital and print applications. As a significant feature, this asset includes Smart Objects, making it a highly versatile and user-friendly resource for your design needs. Specifically designed for use with Adobe Photoshop, Smart Objects allow for effortless scaling, transformations, and editing without any loss to image quality. This means you can easily manipulate the asset to fit your specific design requirements while maintaining the overall quality and integrity of the original image. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, this high-resolution asset with Smart Objects is a valuable addition to any creative arsenal.

Commercial Licence

Commercial Licence also allows for unlimited impressions or broadcast audiences, which means you can reach as many people as you wish without worrying about additional licensing costs. Regardless of whether your end product is a print advertisement, a television commercial, or a digital marketing campaign, the reach of your licensed asset is truly unlimited. This flexibility and freedom can greatly enhance the potential impact and success of your commercial ventures.

Usage Permissions:

  • Physical or Digital End Products for Sale: The licence permits usage of the asset in up to 5,000 individual items intended for sale. This includes both physical products and digital goods.
  • Business Social Media: The licence extends to one business social media account that is owned and managed by the licensee, providing an avenue for product promotion.
  • Local Market Advertisements: Licensees are granted unlimited usage of the licensed asset in physical advertisements for local markets, providing an advantage in localized marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Paid Advertisements: There is no limit on impressions when utilizing the licensed asset in digital paid advertisements, expanding the reach of your marketing efforts online.
  • Broadcast and Streaming: The licence covers broadcast and streaming to up to 500,000 lifetime viewers, accommodating a substantial audience for your content.
  • NFT Component: The licensed asset can be used as a supporting component within an NFT composition, providing additional value for blockchain-based creations. It is important to note, though, that the licence does not permit usage of the asset as a standalone NFT.
  • Web Applications: The Commercial Licence allows for the integration of the licensed asset into web applications, enhancing user experience and interface design. This license does not, however, permit the resale of the asset as part of a web application package.
  • Games: The asset may be included within the development of games, contributing to the visual and interactive elements that engage players. While this usage is permitted, the asset itself cannot be sold separately or as part of a game asset package.

Limitations of Usage:

  • Resale: The asset cannot be distributed or made available in a way that allows for extraction or redistribution by third parties (for instance, in a software application or digital template).
  • It is not permitted to use the asset in a way that can be considered defamatory, obscene, immoral, infringing, or illegal.
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Vinyl Tower Mockup

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